Development of sites and web-applications
of any level of comlication

Real-time & High-load

We support new technologies

Modern technologies and accumulated experience allow us quickly and professionally to create difficult applications where data is being updated in real time

Highload system

Caching, profiling and optimization of various - this is what we use today for the creation and support of highly Web Applications

Analysis and Monitoring

Analysis and Monitoring

Server monitoring and statistics, and error data allows our applications to work with minimal interruption.


Your business needs to be automated? That's what we love to do!

A comprehensive solution, designed individually for your business

We do not sell template sites - each product is designed exclusively for the business logic of your project.

We fully undertake the project life cycle from prototyping to its implementation and continued support.If necessary, we will register for you domains, certificates, buy a server and do all set.

You will be able to monitor the implementation of any phase of work

Our company uses the principles of Agile.
For the customer this means:

  1. The development process consists of the short iterations , at the end of each of which is a work product;

  2. All customer requirements fall into tracking system, that makes it impossible for the loss of objectives ;

  3. Client provides access as their tasks, and to stand daily updated product.

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